Mavasta Honyouti Cross-legged katsina doll

Mavasta Bryant Honyouti

Double Katsina Mana Doll

Mavasta Honyouti Mudhead doll

Mavasta Honyouti, son of acclaimed katsina carver, Ron Honyouti, and nephew of acclaimed carver, Brian Honyouti, is a katsina carver beginning his career.

Place your cursor (it should look
like a hand) over the image
of the carving, depress the mouse
button (the hand should clench)
and "pull" the image
left or right to turn it around.
[Motion will not be either present
or smooth until the entire file
has downloaded, 476 Kb.]

This small double Katsina Mana carving is 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches deep. Both figures are highly detailed. Detail images of this katsina doll are also available. This doll has been sold.

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