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Mavasta was born on July 11, 1979 in Tucson, AZ, the eldest son of renowned artist, Ronald Honyouti. At a very young age Mavasta watched Ronald carve and was always eager to see the outcome of his father's work. During many of the art shows Mavasta would stand beside his father beaming proudly and admire the carved pieces his father produced. Experiencing the excitement, the crowds, the interest and especially a sale, Mavasta's interest in carving began to develop.

One day, at age 15, Mavasta picked up a piece of cottonwood root and began carving a Snow Maiden Katsina Sculpture. He finished and painted his first carving with assistance from his father. Since the piece was very well done Ronald suggested Mavasta enter it into judging at the Santa Fe Indian Market. The piece was entered in the Junior/Student division and won a 2nd place ribbon! This seemed to give a boost to Mavasta to continue carving.

Since there were many other activities Mavasta was involved in, both in high school sports, and in cultural activities, he rarely had time to tend to his art. After high school, Mavasta left home to attend college. After his first child was born. He began searching for ways to support his family. It took awhile to realize that he had an amazing talent that he should take advantage of. Soon he began carving again, and displaying his work at his father's shows.

He currently works full time in public relations for The Hopi Learning Center in Scottsdale, where one of his duties is to demonstrate his talent carving. Currently, Mavasta is a full time student pursuing a BA from Arizona State University. Upon graduation, he plans on returning to the Hopi reservation.

His art of carving has just begun, and already his craftsmanship is incredible. His inspiration comes from the work of his grandfather and uncles, as well as from his father. He now shows at various galleries and Indian Markets through out the country with his father and other members of the talented Honyouti family.

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